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We’d like to launch a series on our architectural models by providing you with some ’behind the scenes’ details that We hope you will enjoy

Let’s start with a 1:200 scale marketing model of residential project next to the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary.
Trough this rehabilitation, the industrial area of former spirit-factory called „BUSZESZ” will be integrated to the city’s vibrant life. 

Waterfront City

Budapest, Hungary / Marketing model

scale 1:200

client Biggeorge Property

architect Hajnal Architects

featuring Modelart Lightstripes™ + white LED-lights
plexiglas, polystyrene, PVC, MDF, plywood 
Custom made plinth with drawers and
plexiglas cover / 198 x 138 cm

Construction and sales were planned to be realised in different phases; therefore, only the initial buildings needed to be detailed, while buildings of later phases could remain schematic. Rather than use only transparent acrylic cubes, our aim was to emphasize the architectural character of these blocks as well. In close cooperation with the developer and the architects, we worked out the final look of the schematic cubes with the use of opaque white polystyrene sheets and an exoskeleton-like outer facade structure.

Colours, textures...

According to the design concept, the basic idea was to
 use three different pair of colours (silver-turquoise, gold-
ivory and copper-grey beige) that complement each
buildings stone coal-grey and white contrast.

About the plinth. . .

We handle each model we design as a gem of a showroom or booth and take extra care when designing the plinth to ensure it is an integral part of the whole model. Our first idea was an airy design using geometric elements; however, the sales and marketing staff needed storage spaces under the model. As a result, we designed (and constructed) an elegant quarter-round shaped plinth featuring some art deco and suprematist shapes that gently refer to water and ships as well.

Six tip-on drawers were integrated as well. The whole model sits on four wheels hidden under the plinth and can be easily moved. When the model is moved, it looks as if it was gliding or floating over the floor.

Finally we made a huge plexiglas cover to protect
the model from dust and mechanical impacts.