Waterfront City model exhibited in Biggeorge Property's showroom

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We had the privilege to produce a model for a great residential project in Hungary facing the river Danube. Architectural designer of the project is Zsolt Hajnal, Ybl award winning architect.

The investment’s location is the area of the former 'Buszesz'. Seventeen buildings are displayed, of which six are fully detailed, the rest of the buildings are presented in a unique, schematic way. Over time and as the design process progresses, we will replace these conceptual, sketchy buildings with the final versions to be built. The investor leaves the iconic chimney and factory building in its original appearance - the model also paid particular attention to such and similar details. Don't forget to come back in the near future!

UPDATE (2019.07.26):

Recently the model has been fitted with a custom-designed plinth. You can visit it at the Biggeorge Property’s City Collection showroom.

Article photos by Pal Uzoni & Tamas Szelestey